The Chairs History, Old Age, GREECE

It was in Greece that ergonomic chairs have emerged with their forms adapted perfectly to the human body and became much more comfortable. The Greeks knew how to unite their vast knowledge gained from the study of body proportions to their skills with sculpture, resulting in the famous chair klismos: the seat of the gods.

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A furniture beautifully proportioned, with short back, legs saber-shaped braided seat, the klismos was considered one of the most beautiful of the time. Made of bronze, marble or wood (cedars and pines), it was adorned with naturalistic geometric reasons, possessing even precious stones in some of its copies.

There is a reason why everything made at this time is called classic.


Very few copies of ancient Greek furniture survived to this day. But careful observation of pieces of art and paintings of the time, serve as a reference and inspiration in the creation of new pieces.

Klismos elegant design traveled through millennia inspiring many creations to date, as the furniture model belonging to Ralph Lauren Home. A remake with sophisticated appeal, resulted in a whole ebony chair, with rivets and back made of crocodile leather.

Ralph Lauren

If we compare the mobile design with the original klismos, you may notice that the curvature of the feet is much more restrained and the piece is heavier. By contrast the curvature of the backrest is exceptionally sharp, empathizing one of the main features of the Greek classic design.

The Greeks were also responsible for creating templates for use in outdoor ceremonies . Pieces were mostly made in hail and bronze. According to history articles, it states that the first chairs made for babies with intention to give more security to children, but unfortunately we did not find any of these copies.

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